Analysis of bugs in Orchard CMS

Written by Sofi Fateeva

Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform. Software IP management and project development governance are provided by Outercurve Foundation, a nonprofit fund. For us, the developers of the PVS-Studio static analyzer, this is...

Chatbots, and how will Microsoft help us with this?

Written by Alex Astva

This overview article is devoted to the study of a trend which is growing rapidly in popularity in the IT industry — chatbots, and the role of Microsoft in their development process. The article will cover the history of chatbots, peculiar properties of bots, the main, and also some unexpected...

Bugs found in GCC with the help of PVS-Studio

Written by Sofi Fateeva

I regularly check various open-source projects to demonstrate the abilities of the PVS-Studio static code analyzer (C, C++, C#). Now it is time for the GCC compiler to get checked. Unquestionably, GCC is a very qualitative and well-tested project, that's why it's already a great achievement for...

A Little E-Book: Learn from Real Examples How to Avoid Bugs

Written by Andrey Karpov

Here is a small e-Book for your attention: The Ultimate Question of Programming, Refactoring, and Everything . This book is intended for C/C++ programmers, but it could be of interest for developers using other languages as well. What makes the book peculiar is the descriptions of real, not...

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Keep Your Money… and Clients: Subscription Billing

Written by Dmitry Kabanov

Most businesses based on recurring payments model involve subscription billing. Moving from single payments is effective only when your clients are satisfied. Subscription churn means recurring revenue cuts and should be dealt with swiftly. The problem Competition drives innovation and...


In-house dev: What could possibly go wrong?

Written by Dmitry Kabanov

We have been designing billing solutions for telecom applications for 8 years. We’ve made more than 80 successful integrations, but along the way we’ve found that about 50% of companies develop custom tools in order to keep their businesses competitive. Why do people believe they can tailor...

Robo-Advisors: How Human Talent is Reinforced by Tech

Written by Sergey Sosnov

Developments in fintech over the past few years have led to a rise in the use of robo-advisors by wealth management services. Robo-advisors have helped enhance efficiency and productivity within these services, benefits that have been passed onto clients. However the use of robo-advisors has...

How do you get initial traction as a B2B-startup?

Written by Dmitry Kabanov

Initial traction for a B2B-startup basically defines its existence and has to be delivered straight away. The problem is that there's a huge chuck of founders who rely on nothing but B2C-marketing and eventually fail to tank up their startups with money. So here we are. Bootstrapped, profitable...

The Role of WebRTC Technology In Online Security

Written by Jane

WebRTC technology is rather new (spearheaded by Google in 2012 through the World Wide Web Consortium). It is a free project that provides browsers with Real-Time Communications. The technology is now widely used in live help customer support solutions, webinar platforms, chat rooms for dating,...