Ref-qualified member functions

Written by rpz

Today I’m going to tell you about a new and a little known (to my mind) C++ feature — reference-qualified member functions . I’ll tell about the rules of such functions overloading and, as an example of use, I’ll show you that with the help of ref-qualified you can try to improve the resource...

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Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, SSP — Let’s Play

Written by fspare

Java 8 has been recently released. So I decided to write something using its new features. Namely the new collection api , which allows to work with collections in a more functional style, and default methods in the interfaces. This article is a brief review of my experience of Java 8,...

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Go Language For Beginners

Written by alehano

The aim of this article is to tell about a programming language Go (Golang) to those developers, who are interested in it, but haven’t risked studying it. The story will be told on the basis of a real sentence that represents RESTful API web-service. I had a task to develop a backend to...

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Mocking with ScalaMock

Written by Kukuruku Hub

This article may be considered as a continuation of Introduction to Writing Tests with ScalaTest . In this post I would like to talk about ScalaMock. Mocking is a technique by which you can test code without requiring all of its dependencies in place. Java offers several frameworks for...

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Lock-free Data Structures. Memory Model. Part 3.

Written by khizmax

In the previous article we looked inside the processor, even if it’s hypothetic. We have clarified that for the proper parallel code execution we should prompt the processor to what limits he is allowed to execute its internal read/write optimizations. These prompts are memory barriers....

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