Mobile Development

Mobile Development is not an easy job for a developer who doesn't know about the latest technologies, updates and trends.

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Dear colleagues,

I’ve been told about Qt 5.2 and its new feature of simple and quick creation of cross-platform applications for Android and iOS. I opened Qt website and watched a great video, in which Hello World application was developed for Android and iOS in 10 minutes. I was impressed.

So I decided to take up mobile development. I had a plan of working my way up from a wish to develop an application to its publication in Google Play.

At the same time I learnt about the famous Flappy Bird and that its developer had decided to delete his application. So I wanted to develop another copy of thus game. But my main goal, of course, was to try out new Qt facilities.

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As a designer you are probably keenly aware that more often than not, your dream font is not available on every device and every browser. Whether this knowledge is founded in the experience of designing and developing a site yourself, or from a horrifying experience such as your developer showing you the implementation of your design and feeling the special tug on your soul as part of you dies when viewing your original font choice rendered down into an abomination that makes comic-sans look vaguely desirable.

Previously you may have even decided to give up the fight of using the perfect font for the entire site and opted to use it only on special portions of the design as an image. This, you tell yourself, will help you sleep at night and fix all the problems in the world as they can see the effort you have put into product names, hero images, and various call-to-action buttons.Unfortunately, due to the increased pixel ratio of devices, the regular text on your site now appears crisp and sharp while your sacrificial “stylized” renderings now offer the user no quarter as they content with blurred lettering, rough edges, and pixelation worthy of an 8-bit video game.

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