Everything You Wanted to Know about USB Type-C, but did not Ask

Dear %username%, Have you heard of the new USB Type-C? The one double-sided, fast and fancy. It can charge the new MacBook and promises to become a new standard for the next ten years? So, first of all, it is a type of connector, and not a new standard. The standard is called USB 3.1. Secondly, we should talk about the new standard of USB, while Type-C is a nice bonus.

Lytro Company Announced a Plenoptic Camera of the Second Generation

Lytro Company, founded by Ren Ng from Stanford University, is commercializing plenoptic photography. It’s a photo of the light field when matrix with the help of micro lens system fixes not a 2D image but full information of the scene light field — you can focus such images right after the shooting, and photos taken by this camera allow you to get a stereo image. The first Lytro camera looked more like a cute toy and shots quality was not that high.

PaperFold: Foldable Smartphone With Three Displays

The most interesting projects of electronic devices have been introduced lately. Electronic devices we could only dream about before. For example, a modular smartphone Project Ara should be introduced in 2015 by Google. Also, one of these days information about a project of a “compound: smartphone” with three displays showed up on the Web. The displays – e-Paper, a flexible “electronic paper” by the PaperFold Company. Displays can be enabled or disabled and they can act like a single system and like three independent displays as well.

Amazon Dash: The Magic Wand

Amazon Dash — new gadget from Amazon to simplify online shopping. Now you don’t have to choose products from huge catalogs. It’s a 6.375x1.125 inches tool, which easily fits in your hand and boasts a built-in microphone and barcode scanner allowing you to quickly add items to your shopping cart. Just speak into it or scan a pack of toilet paper and the wand will immediately send that product to an online store via Wi-Fi.