Marionette.js. Drag&Drop model sorting in the collection

Swapping elements in a list is a common task. But as a rule it is often made in a thorny way, especially if it’s Drag&Drop. And now I am going to tell you about a very easy and flexible way to do it using Marionette.js and jQuery UI Sortable. Installing jQuery UI We will need Sortable part only, so in order to save the traffic, I unchecked all the ticks for you here.

NProgress: a nanoscopic progress bar like on Medium and YouTube

Everyone has probably noticed the slim progress bar on Medium and YouTube, which is a UI element placed below the browser’s address bar. The main reason to have this kind of progress bar is because the content on the page is switched by JavaScript and the native browser’s loading indicator may not work. In this case, users may think that the web page is stuck and not fetching any content.