Short Story on Scaling an NLP Problem without Using a Ton of Hardware

The cornerstone of the small work done for getting the info for these great charts with IEPY, was to be able to catch mentioned companies. The basic idea of relation extraction is to be able to detect mentioned things in text (so called Mentions, or Entity-Occurrences), and later decide if in the text is expressed or not the target relation between each couple of those things. In our case, we needed to find where companies were mentioned, and later determine if in a given sentence it was said that Company-A was funding Company-B or not.

Quantum Dead End

Several times I was taking part in arguments about the artificial intelligence, I was extremely skeptic. Referring to Heisenberg, I said that the human brain cannot be reproduced, recreated or duplicated. As you might have guessed, the reaction to such statements was always the same: denial. We live in a mechanical world. It happened so that the concept of science and technology as a universal way of solving tasks is one of the key paradigms of the public conscience in the 21st century (at least of the technically educated part of the society).

Are Time Travels Possible?

Being a fan of scientism, I am going to tell you about the nature of time, causality and time travels. Time According to classical mechanics, time is absolute and invariable in the sense that when moving from one reference system to another one, time frames do not change: (x, y, z, t) are coordinates in the old frame, while (x’, y’, z’, t’) are coordinates in the new one. It is expected that one system moves in-parallel along x axis at v speed.