Chatbots, and how will Microsoft help us with this?

This overview article is devoted to the study of a trend which is growing rapidly in popularity in the IT industry — chatbots, and the role of Microsoft in their development process. The article will cover the history of chatbots, peculiar properties of bots, the main, and also some unexpected spheres of their application, perspectives and technology limits. Generally, a chatbot is a program that can imitate a meaningful dialogue with the user via text or speech in the language known to the user.

Do Not Learn Frameworks. Learn the Architecture.

I had an interesting conversation some time ago. A colleague of mine stood up for Angular and said that it fastened web development. I’ve developed complex web services for more than 10 years, used to work for Microsoft, and also Spotware Systems in Cyprus. As for now, I create an application for a strartup from the Silicon Valley. All in all, I follow the trends. But I felt like a dinosaur, as I saw no sense in using frontend frameworks, and it turned out to be mainstream.

Do Not Wake the Programmer Up!

Hey there! I’m back from the first vacation in my life… and I guess that some people have not been on vacation in their entire life. I’m not sure that it’s useful to take a break from work for almost a month. I haven’t realized what effect it would have on productivity. But during the holidays, I understood something about things I’ve been thinking about for a while, but couldn’t realize them.

I Do Not Know C

The purpose of this article is to make everyone (especially C programmers) say: “I do not know C”. I want to show that the dark corners of C are much closer than it seems, and even trivial code lines may contain undefined behavior. The article is organized as a set of questions and answers. All the examples are separate files of the source code. 1. int i; int i = 10; Q: Is this code correct?

Introduction to the Wolfram Language

During the last 30 years, Wolfram Research was working on a new multi-paradigm programming language. Please, welcome, — Wolfram Language! The language is very large, with emphasis on functional programming, symbolic computation, and rule-based programming, touching on numerous domains, often specialized. As an example, it includes built-in functions for generating and running Turing machines, creating graphics and audio. It will be bundled with the system software installed on every Raspberry Pi.