Comparing Rust and C++

All the C++ and Rust examples in the article are not real. So use your imagination to estimate the scope of threat. C++ programs have been compiled with gcc-4.7.2 in C++11 mode, using online compiler. Programs in Rust have been built with Rust 0.11, using the rust play app. I know that there are a lot of changes in C++14 as well as in latest Rust release. But I would still be glad to read your feedback.

What is Rust for?

Rust is a system programming language. It runs blazingly fast, prevents almost all crashes and removes the ambiguities associated with sharing access to data. Mozilla developed it as a tool to create a new generation browser engine – Servo. Similar Facilities The given language definition sounds like a fairy tale, since the henceforth tools have always balanced between speed and reliability. At one point, C++, in which speed and facilities are compensated by constant access errors outside the allocated memory to the reclamated memory.