Hexagonal City

Screenshot from the game “Cities: Skylines”. Clickable This post is a small research I decided to carry out after reading an article about a city in Russia. In particular, I am going to consider the feasibility of building a city of hexagons. Since I don’t know any program or any other professional tool for simulating cities and moving vehicles in cities, I’ve decided to carry out a study in the “Cities: Skylines” game as it’s quite suitable for this purpose.

Singularity of the Humanities

Our individual perceptions as well as the collective societal-perceptions are rarely in synch to enable us to love another or to serve one another as we are challenged to do. Over the centuries the humanity and the humanities have struggled to cope with this challenge. While this challenge might seem unsurmountable, it need not remain so for ever. Just as our visual acuity is improvable with the help of the prescription lenses; humanities can achieve singularity with the help of the modern computational tools and systems to enable us to not only understand our individual values but also our collective self worth and purposes so that we may never feel challenged or remain unequal to the existential causes.