In-house dev: What could possibly go wrong?

We have been designing billing solutions for telecom applications for 8 years. We’ve made more than 80 successful integrations, but along the way we’ve found that about 50% of companies develop custom tools in order to keep their businesses competitive. Why do people believe they can tailor any tool to their needs? Usually they tell you: “_We understand how our business works_”. It can be a great way to cover your short-term goals but ultimately it leads nowhere.

KernelCare: Patching the Kernel On-the-Fly

As for today, we do not have to turn off and reboot a server with Linux operating system for months. But sooner or later, we’ll have to do it anyway. For example, to install kernel updates. As a rule, this procedure is a real pain for sysadmins. First of all, they have to choose time of the minimal user activity. They should also send out warning emails to all users in advance.