A Non-Obvious Feature in the Syntax of Variable Declaration

Written by Maxim Razin

Take a look at this innocent looking piece of code in C++. There are no templates, no virtual functions or inheritance, but the creators of this beautiful language hid a gift right in front of us. struct A { A (int i) {} }; struct B { B (A a) {} }; int main () { int i = 1; B...


Undefined Behavior and Fermat’s Last Theorem

Written by Tyomitch

In accordance with the C and C++ standards, if the program leads to an integer overflow or any other “undefined behavior” (UB), the result of the program performance can be anything: it can post obscenities to Twitter or format your disk… Unfortunately, “Easter eggs” that would make the program...


How I Got to the App Store Top With a Simple Currency App

Written by Valentin Shamardin

I will tell you how I’ve created quite an ordinary and not at all innovative application that has become objectively the best of its kind and even has been at the very top of the top for some time. It’s not a success story and not a guide for action. I just want to tell you how I developed the...


Why Pay-per-Word Just Doesn’t Work for Tech Blogging

Written by Rockin'Robin

Tech blogging is on the rise though most of startups see it as a secondary thing. They’re totally right but there’s one condition to it — it requires skill as well as time. A lot of companies are comfortable with solving this problem by outsourcing content creation and hiring agencies or...