About Kukuruku

This is a place for people fascinated by the future; who build outside the box.
Engineers, designers, scientists, venture capitalists and start-up owners can all come to Kukuruku to find that juicy content.

Kukuruku is based on a model of collectively curated creativity. Along with the Kukuruku team, people like you populate hubs with uniquely interesting topics, sharing their experiences and discussing intellectual endeavors. Our goal is to bring smart people together in a place where everyone can contribute something meaningful.

A new tech republic

Self regulating online communities have proven the power of the mass. However a disconnect is occuring between the common users and their moderators. Moreover, flash mass users are curtailing threads out of control creating myriads of links leading towards distraction.

Kukuruku rewards users who gain the most karma with elevated privileges and voting power. Our elected super-users help curate and maintain the quality of our content.

We want to grow slowly and smoothly. We started as a group of technologist frustrated by the dearth of public hubs serving our interests. See us as a resource for distraction free discussions on the topics that matter to those interested in building a better machine.