Jochen Bedersdorfer


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What doesn't seem to work well is getting authenticated to comment (using Twitter for example) without the comment being lost.
Also it seems that when using the link in the notification e-mail subsequent authentication after clicking comment doesn't bring you back to where you started. (At least not on Safari)
I avoid implicits like the plague.
It's yet another convenience (aka write less) taken too far.
Thanks for getting back to me.

I'd love to see similar articles about Groovy, Kotlin, Ceylon and Fantom! :)
And I would submit to you that some of the «Scala Peculiarities» should be used rarely if at all.If you don't agree on a common, simple standard for scala code in your organization, you will accumulate a lot of technical debt.Code is read more often that it is written or changed.If reading it is a chore, you've failed.And in languages like scala it is very easy to write code that is hard to read.