What Makes PHP Perfect For Back-End

PHP Programmer Salary Costs Vs. Other Languages For over two decades now, PHP has solidified a reputation as a solid programming language for the back-end. PHP programmer salary expenses tend to be lower than comparable choices for back-end programming. In addition, multiple, free, open sources choices for web frameworks make it an ideal language for developers. Lower Costs An Advantage For PHP On The Back-End The language comes with lower hiring costs when compared to similar programming languages.

What the Authors of “Hello, World!” Don’t Tell You About

As a rule, the adherents of The-very-best-language write their promotional mini-programs something like this:

ageOfBob = 0
ageOfMary = 0

print("Input Bob's age: ")

print("Input Marry's age: ")

// Do the math
if (ageOfBob > ageOfMary)
   print("Bob is older than Mary by ", ageOfBob - ageOfMary, " years")
else if (ageOfBob < ageOfMary)
   print("Mary is older than Bob by ", ageOfMary - ageOfBob, " years") 
   print("Mary and Bob are of the same age")

It’s assumed that a newcomer will like another simplified version of the C-like syntax with automatic type conversion, without unnecessary semicolons, with simple names of standard functions, and so on.


Hexagonal City

Screenshot from the game “Cities: Skylines”. Clickable This post is a small research I decided to carry out after reading an article about a city in Russia. In particular, I am going to consider the feasibility of building a city of hexagons. Since I don’t know any program or any other professional tool for simulating cities and moving vehicles in cities, I’ve decided to carry out a study in the “Cities: Skylines” game as it’s quite suitable for this purpose.

How I Wrote a C++ Compiler 15 Years Ago

15 years ago, there was no Facebook. There was no C++ compiler with the diagnostic messages in Russian (my native language). Several C++ standards have been released since then, and technologies have made a huge leap forward in development. Today, having so many various frameworks, it doesn’t take too long to write a code analyzer or a programming language of your own. This post is about how I started my career and reached an expert level by means of self-development and writing a C++ compiler.

Google Maps Customization

Demo: link Sources: link Working for the first time on the implementation and customization of Google Maps I couldn’t find any article to contain the whole scope of information and details, so I had to glean information on this issue, but mostly to come up with my own ideas. Afterwards I decided to write this article for those who have either no experience of working on styling Google Maps and their customization or lack time (or maybe lack the will) to learn API perfectly, thus making it easier for them to find information on the issue.

Videos about static code analysis

IT conferences and meetings on programming languages see a growing number of speakers talking about static code analysis. Although this field is quite specific, there is still a number of interesting discussions to be found here to help programmers understand the methods, ways of use, and specifics of static code analysis. In this article, we have collected a number of videos on static analysis whose easy style of presentation makes them useful and interesting to a wide audience of both skilled and novice programmers.

Critical errors in CryEngine V code

In May 2016, German game-development company Crytek made the, decision to upload the source code of their game engine, 'CryEngine V' to GitHub. The project is in active development, which leads to a large number of errors in the code. We have already checked the project with PVS-Studio for Windows, and now we can also analyze it using PVS-Studio for Linux. There was enough material for an article with the description of only crucial errors.

Microservices in a High-Load Project

At the HighLoad++ conference in 2016, the development manager of “M-Tex” Vadim Madison talked about growth from the system, for which a hundred of microservices seemed a huge number, to a high-load project, in which a few thousands of microservices is a common thing. I will tell you how we launched microservices on quite a high-load project. It’s rather an aggregate experience but since I work for M-Tex, let me tell you a couple of words about who we are.

How I Found the Best Programming Language in the World. Part 2

Disclaimer: this article is a translation. Original post was published in June, 2015. The first part is here. Let’s go on. For seven f*cking years, I’ve been waiting for a programming language that would meet my requirements. During this time, I’ve tested everything. Everything means all the general-purpose crap and all the not-quite-general-purpose crap. You can’t feel a language only by reading about it and writing “Hello, World!”. To understand the language, you should write at least something with it.
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