How do you get initial traction as a B2B-startup?

Initial traction for a B2B-startup basically defines its existence and has to be delivered straight away. The problem is that there’s a huge chuck of founders who rely on nothing but B2C-marketing and eventually fail to tank up their startups with money. So here we are. Bootstrapped, profitable and proud: a B2C-startup doing content for others. Let’s take a look back and see how we got initial clients without pouring cash into self-promotion.

Why Pay-per-Word Just Doesn’t Work for Tech Blogging

Tech blogging is on the rise though most of startups see it as a secondary thing. They’re totally right but there’s one condition to it — it requires skill as well as time. A lot of companies are comfortable with solving this problem by outsourcing content creation and hiring agencies or freelancers. That’s debatable whether you should really do it or not but let’s focus on one detail that may save you from getting zero engagement, because nobody gives a rat’s ass about your blogs.

1,000,000 Views of Your Company's Blog: 5 Tips

Each and every day thousands of co’s around the world setup their corporate blogs but most of them fail to deliver useful and interesting content. Those who succeed usually tell real life stories instead of posting same old press releases and advertising their products. Hustling for attention is hard and doing it for your company’s blog seems even harder but there’s a simple set of tips to be used in case you don’t want to waste time and resources on fruitless blogging.