A Little E-Book: Learn from Real Examples How to Avoid Bugs

Here is a small e-Book for your attention: The Ultimate Question of Programming, Refactoring, and Everything. This book is intended for C/C++ programmers, but it could be of interest for developers using other languages as well. What makes the book peculiar is the descriptions of real, not theoretical cases at the base of it. Each chapter starts with a code fragment taken from a real application, and then the author gives various tips of how this bug could be avoided.

Why we need novel authentication schemes?

Revealing security holes in 5 main methods of authentication Introduction: A Word To Pass Passwords are ultimate keepers of diversity and security. Since Ancient Roman times until now, they are used for one to prove being worthy to get some privilege others do not possess, however strongly desire to obtain. A “magic word”, which one knows and others don’t, opens the door for an opportunity and diversifies an individual selecting them from an enormous crowd.

Building secure end-to-end webchat with Themis

Intro While developing components of our products, we love to explore use cases and usability through creating real-world test stands. 0fc is a side-product of WebThemis research: while doing some protocol design for front-end clients with WebThemis services, we wanted to try it in a real-world situation. We’ve set ourselves a novel idea: end-to-end encrypted webchat, inclined towards client anonymity, giving zero trust to the server, built only with typical Themisprimitives.

Introducing Themis

What is Themis? Themis is a high-level cryptographic services library: a library providing easy to use, highly abstracted set of functions to solve real-world security problems. We would like you to focus on building your software with security taken care of by professionals, instead of scrupulously assembling building blocks into cryptosystems yourself, resolving implementations, platform availability, vulnerabilities and performance contstraints yourself. Themis is designed to provide complicated cryptosystems in an easy-to-use developer infrastructure, suitable for modern rapid development.

Releasing Themis into public: usability testing

Experiment: developers with no Themis experience building an application with use of it in 6 hours. Being ready to release Themis, we’ve gathered a few colleagues and decided to make a test run on unsuspecting developers, how would the library blend into their workflows? 1. Introduction While usability testing for user-centric applications has it’s own distinct techniques, standards and frameworks, this is not so typical for a relatively complex and technical library aimed at developers and spanning multiple languages and platforms.

Keep Your Money… and Clients: Subscription Billing

Most businesses based on recurring payments model involve subscription billing. Moving from single payments is effective only when your clients are satisfied. Subscription churn means recurring revenue cuts and should be dealt with swiftly. The problem Competition drives innovation and technology today is all about improving customer experience. No pay means no play: most people unsubscribe just by forgetting to pay or having difficulty understanding payment settings. Thus, service provider’s revenue falls 5% or even more.

In-house dev: What could possibly go wrong?

We have been designing billing solutions for telecom applications for 8 years. We’ve made more than 80 successful integrations, but along the way we’ve found that about 50% of companies develop custom tools in order to keep their businesses competitive. Why do people believe they can tailor any tool to their needs? Usually they tell you: “_We understand how our business works_”. It can be a great way to cover your short-term goals but ultimately it leads nowhere.

SMS Gateway API: start sending and receiving text messages

TextMagic SMS APIis a platform for building your own messaging app using our messaging infrastructure. It allows you to send and receive SMS text messages, query information about inbound and outbound messages, manage contacts, create templates (i.e. message formats and static texts) and schedule recurrent SMS messages as well as process bulk SMS messages. We have created a set of client libraries for the most popular programming languages (such as REST API Java and REST API PHP).

Celebrating 30th Anniversary of The First C++ Compiler: Let's Find Bugs in It

This article was originally published at viva64.com. Republished by the authors’ permission. Cfront is a C++ compiler which came into existence in 1983 and was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. At that time it was known as «C with Classes». Cfront had a complete parser, symbol tables, and built a tree for each class, function, etc. Cfront was based on CPre. Cfront defined the language until circa 1990. Many of the obscure corner cases in C++ are related to the Cfront implementation limitations.

Competing With Amazon: How to Improve Your Car Parts Store

Going online allows you to significantly expand your customer base and auto parts stores are not an exception. There are multiple ways to buy a car, parts or potential substitutes and it’s really challenging to compete with giants like Amazon or eBay. Here’s our take on what can be possibly done in order to make your car parts store more efficient. The problem: Car parts search There is an average of 14,000 parts in a car (and it may go up to 30k) so it’s a quite a problem to look up some parts for your particular car brand and model.
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