A month and a half ago chr13 discovered a way to perform DDoS of any website with the help of Google Spreadsheet, and now he applied such a method to Facebook Notes. And it worked!

Operating procedure is absolutely the same as in Google Spreadsheet:

  1. Create a list with «unique» «photos».

  2. Write a note with the help of m.facebook.com. The service will cut the note after some fixed length.
  3. Create several notes with one or several accounts. Each note will make 1000+ HTTP-requests.
  4. Open all the notes at the same time. Specified server will get a mountainous pile of HTTP-traffic. Thousands of requests will go to the server within a couple of seconds.

The author managed to overload a gigabit channel at his VPS. 127 Facebook servers were involved in the attack.

How to DDos any website with Facebook notes

Facebook marked the problem as “Won't fix”.

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