You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
© Albert Einstein

What is not Kukuruku

  • Kukuruku is not a place for copypasters. Republishing content drains traffic from its original source and obfuscates communication channels between reader and author.

  • Kukuruku is not a store for self promotion. You can not post links to your personal web site, advertise your company or sell 19th century watches from your grandfather's collection. There is one hub specifically for promotion: «I'm building relationships». But please, keep in mind ― everything in moderation, including moderation.

  • Kukukruku is not a comedy club. We also love fun cats gifs, epic fail videos and pranks. And we do watch them. On other web sites.

  • Kukuruku is not a political discussion forum. Let's leave politics to politicians.

  • Kukuruku is not a book of complaints. Our lives are full of poverty, bitter relationships, broken promises, false expectations. But it doesn't mean that IT-community wants to know about every drama.
    Please, try to avoid these kind of publications. If your bike was stolen, call 911.

  • Kukuruku is not for clones. Human’s found possessing multiple accounts will be banned for life.

What is Kukuruku

  • Kukuruku is for critical writers. Content should be clear and consistent, interesting and informative.

  • Kukuruku is a place where civility rules. Aggressive antics and inflammatory remarks will be purged from our servers.

  • Kukuruku is a place for the intelligent discussions. Authors should take authority on the subject they are writing. Content should further the scientific advancement of technology, not distract nor detract us from life’s central goal.

  • Kukuruku is a place for the passionate. Few of us are lucky enough to see the light at the end the tunnel, let’s spread this vision.