Google, when introduces a service it serves to be efficient to an extent that we cannot imagine how we worked before. Google Apps is one of the services introduced by Google. It is a suite of Google applications that brings together essential features in order to help users in their businesses. It is a hosted service that allows businesses and organizations to use a variety of Google products like Email, Google Doc, Google Talk and much more on a unique domain. Lots of companies, be it small scale or large scale, are employing Google Apps to get their business done. However, what’s bothering them is the sole dependency they are having on the service without a plan B. So here is how to backup Google Apps for business.

Why Do I Need To Back Up My Google Apps Account?

The ability to work from anywhere is the greatest benefit that Google Apps gives its users. But there is no such thing as too safe. How will you work on your data from anywhere if you don’t have the data to yourself? Data loss is a real threat that is subjected to every business working locally or cloud that can cost a lot of bucks and considerable amount of IT resources. While Google goes great distances to protect your data, the company does not hold any responsibility against accidental or intentional data loss by the acts of an intruder. Google vault, Google’s own archiving tool can sort of back up your Gmail and chat, but is not helpful in backing up your Google Apps account.

Scenarios of Google Apps Data Loss

More and more business organizations are relying on Google Apps in order to simplify their work. But with all this data on cloud comes with a new set of concerns. Let us discuss some:

Google Apps comes with a huge benefit of quickly elaborating, editing and sharing of data. The documents created by a single authority in any business organization can be shared and accessed by dozens of other employees. But the sole power remains with the authority that created it. He can delete or make any changes in the document that can either prove to be beneficial or fatal for the organization. Also a departing, ill-intentioned employee can hamper important documents in order to seek vengeance from employer.

If we talk about well-intentioned employees they are also sometimes responsible for mishaps taking place with the data. Even the users with no such intensions of causing any damage can commit to it by mistake. And no training can completely be blamed for such human errors. Therefore the risk of data loss is persistent even if the users are well aware of “what to do” and “what not to do” with Google Apps.

Thus, the above mentioned scenarios or similar ones can raise a demand for backing up Google Apps for Business.

What Could Compel For A Google Apps Backup?

Working on cloud many a times gives a false sense of security to the users. They don’t bother about backing up their data thinking that data stored on cloud is safe and indestructible. But the cloud brings a lot of security loop holes like hacking, software issues, synchronization issues, service interruptions and many more. Therefore, these issues call for a backup of Google Apps.

Some methods to take the backup have been discussed below with their highs and lows. Make sure you know your priorities and convenience level to choose the right one to go with.

Solution for Backup

A trustworthy name in this domain is Google Apps Backup tool. The tool gives you the option to take backup for-Single user, Multi user, and Domain user backup along with multiple other backup customization options.


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