How to take screenshots correctly: some practical tips

If you have ever made a help file or user manual for your app, you’re sure to have noticed the unexpected amount of time and effort producing screenshots takes. You’d think a screenshot was “a second’s work, Alt+PrintScreen and Ctrl+V!”. Some clients are surprised to hear that a screenshot in a user manual can cost $2 or even $5. In this article, I’ll advise you on how to take screenshots correctly, why they’re not just “two clicks” and what pitfalls an inexperienced screenshotter may meet.

Something About Cats, Dogs, Machine and Deep Learning

Deep Blue beat Kasparov at chess in 1997. Watson beat the brightest trivia minds at Jeopardy in 2011. Can you tell Fido from Mittens in 2013? The picture and quote are taken from the challenge at Kaggle (contest to benchmark the latest computer vision and deep learning approaches) that took place last year in Autumn. Looking ahead, we can fairly enough reply “Yes” to the question. The ten leaders coped with the task by 98.

Browser Extension to Extract the Text from Images

Naptha — is a very useful Chrome extension. It automatically recognizes text of all the images that are downloaded by the browser. With the help of this extension you can edit images text, select, copy and translate it. This extension is indispensable for copying the text from the document scans, photographs, posters, diagrams, charts, screenshots and even memes. The idea to create this extension was born on the basis of xkcd meme.