Browser Extension to Extract the Text from Images

Image Processing

Naptha — is a very useful Chrome extension. It automatically recognizes text of all the images that are downloaded by the browser. With the help of this extension you can edit images text, select, copy and translate it. This extension is indispensable for copying the text from the document scans, photographs, posters, diagrams, charts, screenshots and even memes.

The idea to create this extension was born on the basis of xkcd meme. It showed the websites, which didn’t allow selecting the text at their web-pages. Ironically, xkcd website can also be referred to “violators” as it doesn’t allow selecting the text inside the memes. Naptha extension fixes this drawback.

Developers say that the Stroke Width Transform algorithm, which is used in the extension, can recognize a text even of incoherent flourishes. This peculiarity can be considered as a bug or a feature.

By the way, Naptha works for any files, including HDD images. You just need to drag the necessary image to the browser window.

Naptha Plugin



    Ropes — Fast Strings

    Most of us work with strings one way or another. There’s no way to avoid them — when writing code, you’re doomed to concatinate strings every day, split them into parts and access certain characters by index. We are used to the fact that strings are fixed-length arrays of characters, which leads to certain limitations when working with them. For instance, we cannot quickly concatenate two strings. To do this, we will at first need to allocate the required amount of memory, and then copy there the data from the concatenated strings.