Competing With Amazon: How to Improve Your Car Parts Store

Going online allows you to significantly expand your customer base and auto parts stores are not an exception. There are multiple ways to buy a car, parts or potential substitutes and it’s really challenging to compete with giants like Amazon or eBay. Here’s our take on what can be possibly done in order to make your car parts store more efficient. The problem: Car parts search There is an average of 14,000 parts in a car (and it may go up to 30k) so it’s a quite a problem to look up some parts for your particular car brand and model.

Top 10 FinTech Startups

Financial technology or simply Fintech is one of the prominent lines of business nowadays. Fintech projects mostly focus on providing software infrastructure for finance-related activities. There is a great number of new innovative projects that we all can benefit from and Fintech projects help those initiatives with finance-related issues. Today we would like to present top 10 Fintech Startups that deserver your attention. 1. SDK.Finance It is probably the most innovative and versatile Fintech company on this list.