Leonardo da Vinci: Daily Routine

Getting Things Done

Few people know that Leonardo da Vinci invented a way to spend little time for sleep, but not suffer from doing so. He slept only an hour and a half per day! Many people say that it was the exact secret of his efficiency. Today it is called a polyphasic sleep.

Genius Leonardo decided that he spent too much time on sleep and invented his own sleep method. It lies in sleeping for 15 minutes every 4 hours. And he lived like that during not a week, but many years.

Why does it work? Psychologists say that after sleep our working capacity increases from 6 to 10 times as much. And wise Leonardo used it to the fullest extent. Other psychologists say that polyphasic sleep doesn’t match all the people and they should read the literature about:

  • sleep nature
  • relaxation
  • eutrophy
  • healthy living

P.S. I think this sleep method will be really useful for freelancers as they don’t depend on an executive schedule.



    Ropes — Fast Strings

    Most of us work with strings one way or another. There’s no way to avoid them — when writing code, you’re doomed to concatinate strings every day, split them into parts and access certain characters by index. We are used to the fact that strings are fixed-length arrays of characters, which leads to certain limitations when working with them. For instance, we cannot quickly concatenate two strings. To do this, we will at first need to allocate the required amount of memory, and then copy there the data from the concatenated strings.