World of Minecraft: full-scale model of Denmark

Game Development

The Danish GeoData Agency launched a full-scale model of Denmark. The model is very detailed and was generated with real geographical data — it includes not only relief but also buildings, vegetation, parks and attractions Only the location of rocks and minerals on the ground and color facades of buildings are randomly generated. The Model cannot fit entirely on a single server, so it was divided into three parts.

Denmark Area — 16,638.69 square miles. This is mainly flat country, its highest point is located just 567 ft. above sea level. This succeeded to meet the height restriction Minecraft world in 256 blocks. The servers are disabled mobs(What do you mean by mobs?), but still open the opportunity to build and destroy blocks.

The purpose of this project — to popularize the Danish state program for the publication of public data associated with the geography of the country. The service will be available until October 23 and you can download and install the map on your own server. Official page of the project is available in Danish.



    Ropes — Fast Strings

    Most of us work with strings one way or another. There’s no way to avoid them — when writing code, you’re doomed to concatinate strings every day, split them into parts and access certain characters by index. We are used to the fact that strings are fixed-length arrays of characters, which leads to certain limitations when working with them. For instance, we cannot quickly concatenate two strings. To do this, we will at first need to allocate the required amount of memory, and then copy there the data from the concatenated strings.