David knight


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Yes computational models can be created to the accuracy of our ability to code for measurement of all desired variables. That is the challenge I see with AI systems increasing able to account for variables we failed to consider.

We have the resources. They should be applied but with much care,& consideration in regards to AI and eventual self awareness. The rate of technological advancement now surpasses the rate of our enlightenment. Mankind is akin to a teenager failing to consider the long term negative implications of his actions over near term rewards. Yes we are capable of great things if not greatness but on the micro level we lack the humility to account for our fallibility. A concerning situation as few make decisions affecting the many.

History has shown Captain Ahab to be at the helm for too many decisions affecting the whole. Is there a default in the human psyche to always consider the way things are today is how they will be tomorrow? History proves otherwise. Black swans events of global proportions attributal to man increasingly occur with their possible implications growing exponentially with technological advancement. Until mankind becomes in-tune with our collective conscious as a whole we need to walk gently into that dark night