Federico Ramirez


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Interesting article, I learnt some stuff about grep! Thanks, anyways I think you could have explained a bit more on some topics, like saying «That works but this is better», why is it better?Cheers.
I tried Grunt, I didn't really use it much as to make a fair comparison but personally Gulp feels much easier to use, Grunt is just a bunch of options which can be intimidating and quite hard to understand at first. Gulp on the other hand is lightweight, and it's just Javascript, it feels like I can get more done with fewer lines, even though that might not be true. It also feels more powerful as you can write conditionals to run one part of the build process or the other in plain Javascript. That's just my opinion though, remember I haven't used Grunt much, only for a few personal frontend projects.
Wow I knew some CSS linters and such but csscomb looks pretty nice, I integrated it into my workflow with no problem at all, I was using Gulp.Nice post and thanks for sharing such a nice tool :)