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Introduction to Elixir

Written by Kukuruku Hub

Who This Article Is For I would say that the article is mainly for people who already have an experience with some other programming languages, but they want to look around. Also, functional programming is a trending thing nowadays. So if you want to see what it actually is, welcome. If you...

Erlang for the Little Ones. Modules and Functions

Written by HaruAtari

Dear %username% , Let’s continue to learn Erlang. In the previous post we’ve reviewed the basic data types, lists and tuples. We also learnt how to use pattern matching and lists generator. In this post we’ll move on to the next level and review modules and functions. All...

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Masking a Class in Boost Graph. Part 3: Finding the Path

Written by Vadim Androsov

In the previous articles of the series we’ve reviewed the adaptive process of the square game field for concepts of boost graphs. Now we’ll consider the process of finding the path in the square field. Implementation of boost search allows adapting the algorithm quite accurately. In this article...

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