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Lock-free Data Structures. Memory Model. Part 3.

Written by khizmax

In the previous article we looked inside the processor, even if it’s hypothetic. We have clarified that for the proper parallel code execution we should prompt the processor to what limits he is allowed to execute its internal read/write optimizations. These prompts are memory barriers....

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Building a website with C++ (CppCMS). Part 1.

Written by Drus_K

Dear %username% , I would like to share with you my first-hand experience in creating a Website on CppCMS (library-template engine on C++). It can also be named as “help for beginners on CppCMS”. Why Would You Write a Website with C++ There are different pros and cons...

LibreS3: Open Source Amazon S3 Implementation

Written by Kukuruku Hub

The first version of LibreS3 project has been announced . LibreS3 is a robust open source implementation of the Amazon S3 service, supporting a subset of the S3 REST API. It's compatible with Amazon S3 client libraries and built on their basis tools, such as python-boto, s3cmd and...

Lock-free Data Structures. 1 — Introduction

Written by khizmax

I hope that this article will give a good start for a series of notes about lock-free data structures. I would like to share my experience with community, monitoring and thoughts about what lock-free structures are, how to implement them and whether the concepts of Standard Template Library...

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PaperFold: Foldable Smartphone With Three Displays

Written by marks

The most interesting projects of electronic devices have been introduced lately. Electronic devices we could only dream about before. For example, a modular smartphone Project Ara should be introduced in 2015 by Google. Also, one of these days information about a project of a...

How to DDos any website with Facebook Notes

Written by ValdikSS

A month and a half ago chr13 discovered a way to perform DDoS of any website with the help of Google Spreadsheet, and now he applied such a method to Facebook Notes. And it worked! Operating procedure is absolutely the same as in Google Spreadsheet: Create a list with «unique»...