The *nix world is all about Unix-like systems, e.g., Linux, BSD, etc

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What I’m Going to Tell You About

In the previous article we constructed the environment needed to get familiar with the kernel. Then we took a look at loadable kernel modules and wrote a simple “Hello World!”. Finally, we wrote a simple and useless file system. Now it’s time to go on.

The main aim of this article is to teach the file system to read from disk. For now it will read the operating information only (the super block and index nodes).

Doesn’t seem like much, eh? The thing is that in this post we’ll have to define the structure of our file system – the way it will be stored on disk. Besides, we’ll also get familiar with SLAB and RCU. All of this will require some explanations – a lot of words and little code. Therefore, the post will be quite long.

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