Erlang for Beginners. Data Types, Variables, Lists and Tuples

Written by HaruAtari

Dear %username% , It’s the first article of the series. For many of you it may seem terribly trite as I’ll review the very basis of the subject. But this tutorial is going to be really useful for Erlang beginners. I’ll also dwell on some interesting things that aren’t obvious. In...

Premature Optimization is Evil

Written by Kukuruku Hub

There were no signs of trouble until we noticed a mix of 200 and 500 HTTP statuses in Kukuruku's web server logs. We were a bit confused when we started to look into it. The weird thing was that the server responded with either 200 ( OK ) or 500 ( Internal Server Error ) statuses even to requests...

Boost Concepts

Written by Vadim Androsov

I was always scared to use C++ templates due to the absence of standard mechanisms for setting parameter limits. In other words, when a developer writes the following function: template bool someFunc(T t) { if (t.someCheck()) { t.someAction(0); }...

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iOS holds you phone number hostage

Written by alizar

Benjamin Stein, technical manager at Mobile Commons, talks about the “ worst bug” that he has ever encountered. It happened once Ben changed his iPhone for an Android. Soon, he noticed that he is not receiving most of the messages from his contacts – other iPhone users. As it turned out,...

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IT digest for the last week

Written by alexzfort

Web Development — GitHub command line tools Best PHP IDE in 2014 How to use NoFollow tag Scrolling animations: examples, tutorials and jQuery plugins Slush — the streaming scaffolding system as a replacement for Yeoman WTF, HTML and CSS? Mobile Angular UI —...

Web fonts instruction for novice

Written by Kukuruku Hub

Choosing a font? Here is a simple scheme from Julian Hansen. The image is clickable. Just answer «yes» or «no». Fonts are pretty much standard, but I'm sure it can be quite useful for anyone.

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