PaperFold: Foldable Smartphone With Three Displays


The most interesting projects of electronic devices have been introduced lately. Electronic devices we could only dream about before. For example, a modular smartphone Project Ara should be introduced in 2015 by Google.

Also, one of these days information about a project of a “compound: smartphone” with three displays showed up on the Web. The displays – e-Paper, a flexible “electronic paper” by the PaperFold Company. Displays can be enabled or disabled and they can act like a single system and like three independent displays as well. Thanks to this design you can make a mini-notebook with a touch keypad. The displays are set up by a magnetic “clasp” which holds all the displays together. After that the displays automatically define themselves and can work as a single system at once.

At this moment only a prototype of this smartphone is ready and it’s in pre-alpha stage, if you can say so. Hopefully, this project will come to reality – most likely, customers will turn up for such an original device.

PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone PaperFold Smartphone

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