C++ is a high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. But you know that, right?

Unfortunately, standard C++ library provides no tools for working with HTTP protocol. Therefore, when we want to run some REST service, parse a webpage or write a simple bot or web crawler, we always wonder which library is better and faster in use. Sometimes a project already uses some framework (or even several). But how do we create an HTTP request using available facilities? Not to get confused each time performing such tasks, I decided to make a cheat sheet with examples of HTTP requests in C++ using different libraries. I guess Kukuruku is the best place for keeping such cheat sheets.

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Boost, A* Search algorithm, Boost.GraphIn the previous articles of the series we’ve reviewed the adaptive process of the square game field for concepts of boost graphs. Now we’ll consider the process of finding the path in the square field. Implementation of boost search allows adapting the algorithm quite accurately. In this article we’ll provide just one example of such parameterization – an ability to create various lengths of graph edges.

Let’s begin with describing the parameter. We should create a map of edge weights. This map will meet requirements of ReadablePropertyMapConcept concept. It’s quite easy to implement. We should define several types and [] iterator. On the basis of the key-type edge the latter returns its length.

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